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Born Again


Full length domestic release from Germany's best electro artist featuring remixes from Embryodead, rare tracks from "DJ Dead," and unreleased tracks.

Track List

01. Is It You (Scintillating Mixx)
02. Womb (Born Again Remixx)
03. Angel (Deejaydead Remixx)
04. Embryodead (Deejaydead Remixx)
05. Golgotha (Roughly Distorted Version)
06. Wumpsex (Previously Unreleased)
07. Womb (Miserable Days Mixx)
08. War (Revenge and Nemesis Version)
09. Man's Complete Idiot (Previously Unreleased)
10. Thorns (Distant Vocals Version)
11. Down Where We Belong (Instrumental Take 1)
12. Embryodead (Cockroach Modified)
13. Vaporize (:Wumpscut:-Remix)
14. Die In Winter (US- Bonus on Bunker Gate Seven)