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Schrekk & Grauss

DIGITAL (2011) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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CD $8.98

Riding high on the success of his previous two albums, Wumpscut mastermind Rudy Ratzinger now presents his latest effort Schrekk & Grauss (loosely translated as "Scare & Horror"). Active since 1993, Wumpscut is one of the few industrial acts that have succeeded in maintaining a prominent position in electronic music since its very beginnings, with a total of 18 albums so far in the discography. Schrekk & Grauss offers the infamous :W: sound- harsh industrial, synth-driven, with distorted vocals and scary melodies. After a few excursions into more 'mellow' sound-regions in recent releases, on S&G Rudy R. returns to the more aggressive, harder stuff – always maintaining his special trademark: a well balanced mélange of catchy melodies, great arrangements and industrial noise.

Track List

01. Rudolf Wolzek
02. Schrekk & Grauss
03. Muselmann
04. Elende Buben
05. Patient A.
06. Jiddisch Is A Zwillink
07. Wumpelstilz
08. Kikeriki
09. Zombibikini
10. Alles Aus