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DIGITAL (2009) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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Wumpscut is a name that everyone in the Industrial/Goth underground knows very well. His influence in the scene is second to none. So much so that band after band tries to mimic his insatiable style, but as every one will tell you, there is only one Wumpscut. Merely one year since he released “Bonepeeler,” he is prepared to deliver unto the unsuspecting masses “Evoke.” Until then, as a taste of things to come, Wumpscut presents “Blondi,” a six track single that displays his talent for making dark omniscient Electro. Each of the four remixes on “Blondi” take on a life of their own next to the two album versions. Wumpscut's “Blondi” single blows away all other competitor's albums! On Metropolis Records.

Track List

01. Rush (Remix By :Wumpscut:)
02. Rush (Remix By Dismantled)
03. Rush (Remix By Naked Beat)
04. Rush (Remix By Der Blutharsch)
05. Don't Go (Remix By Wumpscut)
06. Don't Go (Eighty 64C Remix By :Wumpscut:)