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Madman Szpital

DIGITAL (2013) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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CD $12.98

:Wumpscut: mastermind Rudy Ratzinger returns in 2013 with the latest offering from the bunker, Madman Szpital (Szpital is Polish for ‘Hospital'). Dark, menacing and evil as ever, Wumpscut is one of the most prolific and popular bands in the dark Electro music scene, and Rudy Ratzinger has established one of the strongest and most reliable fan bases out of any band in the genre, and Madman Szpital demonstrates exactly why!

Track List

01. Der Liebe Gott Sieht Alles
02. Tod Essen Leben Auf
03. Madman Szpital
04. The Duke of Death
05. We Are Immortal
06. Ich Bin Der Tod
07. Gabi Grausam
08. Moshe Tokoloshe
09. Du Neger
10. Vegan Witch