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General Information

I'm a graphic artist, how can I get my work used on CDs?

Bands send us the artwork when they deliver the audio master. Please try contacting the bands directly, all of them have contact information on their websites.

I'm a band or label, how do I get Metropolis Mail-Order and Distribution to carry my releases?

We are not currently accepting submissions for the distribution of non-Metropolis product.

I'm a store, who do I contact to set up an account to carry the releases you distribute?

Please contact MVD Entertainment Group

I'm a mail-order customer and have a question/concern about my order.

Please contact Metropolis Mail Order at

I'm a distributor or store outside of the United States. Who do I contact about ordering releases for my territory?

Please contact Audioglobe

I want to license songs from Metropolis artists, who do I contact?

Please contact Gail Delong at

What is your demo submission policy?

We only accept CD or CD-R formats, or Soundcloud links. E-mail attachments will not be opened, and will be deleted automatically. We cannot personally respond to every demo sent to us, it would take too much time. We do listen to everything that is sent, and if we are interested in hearing more of your material, we will contact you. All that we require is your three best songs, a brief bio, and contact information. Demos can be sent to:

Metropolis Records
attn: Demos
PO Box 974
Media, PA 19063

Contact: if you have any further questions.

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