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Velvet Acid Christ

Lust For Blood

DIGITAL (2009) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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CD $12.98

After a brief two year hiatus, Velvet Acid Christ has returned with their newest studio album, Lust For Blood. The most complete and diverse Velvet Acid Christ album in the past ten years, Lust For Blood is an aggressive return for one of electronic music's most prolific artists. Angry and other times haunting vocals are forged to incessant beats, permeating melodies, and relentless bass lines. As an homage to early electronic music, guitars are once again introduced into the mix of patches, pads and circuits. Fans of The Cure will fall in love with “Crushed,” while experienced VAC listeners will appreciate the intensity of “Wound” and “Lust,” at the same time discovering a slightly different vocal style in “Parasite.” Lust For Blood proves that Velvet Acid Christ has not even begun to tap into the innovations they are capable of even with a decade of musical experience under their belt. VAC is an unstoppable force and one to be reckoned with for decades to come.

Track List

01. Wound
02. Parasite
03. Discolored Eyes
04. Crushed
05. Disconnected Nightmare
06. Polyester Meth Zeus
07. Kashmir Crack Krishna
08. Ghost In The Circuit
09. Machine
10. Lust
11. For
12. Blood
13. Psychoaktive Landscapes
14. Ghost Regen