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Velvet Acid Christ

The Art Of Breaking Apart

CD (2009) · $12.98   add to cart Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

For 2009 Velvet Acid Christ has returned with his next auditory assault. With The Art Of Breaking Apart, Velvet Acid Christ has taken a huge leap in not only style, but song structures as well. Fans will notice signature tracks such as “Tripped Out,” “Vaporized,” and “Phucked Up Phreak,” however many of the songs are quite different from what they expect. Not only does the album feature acoustic guitar, but untreated vocals as well. Imagine Death In June meets The Cure with electronic elements. Velvet Acid Christ has broken out of his restraints and created something new and refreshing.

Track List

01. Tripped Out
02. Vaporized
03. Black Rainbows
04. Phucked Up Phreak
05. Killing A Stranger
06. The Art Of Breaking Apart
07. Caustic Disco
08. Killed In Space
09. Amnesia
10. Faithless
11. Silver