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Front Line Assembly

Wake Up The Coma (Ltd Ed 2LP)


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CD · Wake Up The Coma $12.98

Electro-Industrial act Front Line Assembly has always pushed the boundaries of the genre it helped define. This is still true On Wake Up The Coma. A fearless leading force, Front Line Assembly provides surprising new elements, such as a cover of Falco's Amadeus (feat. Jimmy Urine), & contributions from Robert Gorl (DAF), Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost), & Chris Connelly (Revolting Cocks, Cocksure).

Track List

01. A1 Eye On You (feat. Robert Gorl)
02. A2 Arbeit
03. A3 Amadeus (feat. Jimmy Urine)
04. B1 Tilt
05. B2 Hatevol
06. B3 Proximity
07. C1 Living A Lie
08. C2 Wake Up The Coma (feat. Nick Holms)
09. C3 Mesmerized
10. D1 Negative Territory
11. D2 Structures
12. D3 Spitting wind (feat. Chris Connelly)