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Named after a close friend of Gerrit, a radio operator (which translates, in German, as "Funker") in the German armed forces, Funker Vogt have already released three full length CDs, one twin EP, one EP, and one single since their 1995 inception. They have appeared on no less than eight compilations (including Electropolis, Electro Club Attack: Shot Two, New Violent Breed, and We Came To Dance 2000) and were tapped by Front242 to do one of the re-mixes on the Headhunter 2000 CD.

Often compared to bands such as Leaether Strip and :wumpscut:, Funker Vogt 's aggressive electronic style is based upon old EBM strategies, albeit mixed with more modern electro and industrial elements, similar to KMFDM. It is this sound that often makes people refer to their music as being "back to the basics" of the genre. Stripped down power play electronics, Funker Vogt utilize a strong sense of melody within powerful rhythms, emphatic dance beats and distorted vocals.

Metropolis Records has released all of Funker Vogt's full length CDs (Thanks for Nothing, We Came to Kill, and Maschine Zeit), as well as their double EPs (Killing Time Again, Execution Tracks, and T ), and the Gunman single.

Funker Vogt have taken the world by storm, with their hard hitting dance floor anthems and aggressive lyrics. In fall 2001, Funker Vogt took the United States with a tour de force in eight cities. To coincide with the tour, Metropolis Records and Funker Vogt released a special worldwide exclusive EP, Code 7477. This seven song CD featured mixes of "Funker Vogt," "Funker Vogt 2nd Unit," "Black Hole," and an unreleased track "Taxi Zum Mars."

For 2002 Survivor, was the first Funker Vogt album to feature live guitar in two tracks, as well as their first ballad. Offering a new and refreshing complexity not seen in previous releases, Survivor's theme painted the future in a rather dark scenario with a titular hero being the last of mankind. To follow-up the album, Funker Vogt released Revivor in 2003, featuring remixes of songs from Survivor as well as a bonus multi-media section.

In 2005 Funker Vogt released their first full-length album in three years, Navigator. The release touted stories of current events ("Friendly Fire," and "Reject"), war and the end of the world ("Stronghold," "The End," and "Fallen Hero" – which was released as a digital only single) dominate the lyrics. While "House of Sorrows," "No Tomorrow" and "FÜr Dich" are much more personal, taken from the band's own experiences and observations. With Navigator, the band experimented by using new elements throughout the album to give a refreshing flavor to the Funker Vogt sound.

Quickly following Navigator, Funker Vogt got back in the cockpit with, Aviator. The new release continued where its predecessor left off. A big undertaking went underway to diversify the sound structures within Aviator. Over all, the album was fast and beat driven, with more emphasis placed on the sounds and samples to make it a much more pronounced album. Just as with the previous album, Aviator follows an overall concept: eventually, through time, memories of history and war fade away. Starting with the title track and flowing through each one after, the theme extends throughout the cover artwork, booklet, and band photos as well. All in all Aviator came across as fresher, more aggressive and diversified than Navigator but still encompassed Funker Vogt’s signature elements.

Funker Vogt’s first ever live album was released in April 2009. Recorded in Berlin, Germany at the infamous K17 venue, Warzone K1 7 featured 22 classic Funker Vogt tracks. From their earliest hits (“Thanks For Nothing” and “Black Hole”) to their more recent club smashers (“City Of Darkness” and “Child Soldier”) Warzone K17 showcased Funker Vogt’s talent in all its glory. In 2010, decided to release the Red Queen EP digitallyfeaturing the track taken from 2002’s Survivor.

Now Funker Vogt returns with all new material. First, as a preview, Funker Vogt presented Arising Hero. Completing what began in 1998 with the single Tragic Hero & followed by the CD Fallen Hero in 2005. Arising Hero is the third and final part of the trilogy. The Hero saga is a sort of first person perspective tale about an unnamed soldier fighting an unknown war. Part one found him observing the sorrow and destruction around him. The second chapter found him called to arms once again seemingly resigned to face his fate in the face of an overwhelming enemy.

With the unleashing of Blutzoll, Funker Vogt has once again delivered an all out assault on the clubs. Long established as a mainstay of the electro-industrial scene, the new release only further cements the band’s status as the reigning kings of aggro-electro. Gerrit Thomas’ hard driving beats and anthemic synth lines and vocalist Jens Kästel’s signature growl meld seamlessly in Blutzoll to create a standout selection in the already impressive Funker Vogt catalog.


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