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Psyclon Nine

[Disorder : The Shadow Sessions]

DIGITAL (2014) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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CD $12.98

Following up the critically acclaimed album [Order of the Shadow : Act I], Psyclon Nine now presents [Disorder : The Shadow Sessions]. The 11 track remix album features impressive new takes on the songs from [Order of the Shadow : Act I], Featuring remixes by Alien Vampires, Dismantled, Life Cried, and more.

Track List

01. Shadows Unveiled [Version : Falling Skies]
02. Use Once and Destroy [Version : Alien Vampires]
03. Remains of Eden [Version : Die Sektor]
04. Suffer Well [Version : Dismantled]
05. Use Once and Destroy [Version : MissFit Toys]
06. Afferte Mihi Mortem [Version : Modern Weapons]
07. Afferte Mihi Mortem : Nix Down the Rabbit Hole
08. Order of the Shadow [Version : The Vile Augury]
09. Take My Hand While I Take My Life : Fetid, Rotting, Fucked and Forgotten
10. Suffer Well [Version : Life Cried]
11. The Saint and the Valentine : A Reclamation