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In 1986, Johan Van Roy began experimenting with harsh electronic music adorning the name Suicide Commando. After releasing nine cassette tapes, and having track appear on two compilation LPs and a compilation CD, Suicide Commando appeared on stage in support of Plastic Noise Experience in 1993. These actions caught the attention of the Off Beat label, who in 1994 released Suicide Commando s first CD, Critical Stage. The album yielded the club hits: Traumatise, Necrophillia, and Where Do We Go From Here?, which featured Dirk Ivens of Dive on vocals. Stored Images, the second CD from Suicide Commando, was released in 1995. The album marked a greater club following than ever before. It included re-mixes of T.V. Obsession, Intercourse, and Save Me along with two new dance floor hits. One of which being Murder, and the other being one of Suicide Commando s greatest hits, See You In Hell.

To mark a decade of existence, Suicide Commando embarked on the 1996 "Critical Images" tour, and released a 2000 piece limited edition EP box set. The Contamination EP featured several new tracks and re-mixes of the popular See You In Hell, and Traumatize. The bonus in the box set was a 3" CD containing old and previously unreleased material. Electric Death Trip Records later released the Contamination EP in 1997 for the United States with three bonus tracks. In addition, Suicide Commando released a mini-CD on the O-Files II sampler titled State Of Emergency. It contained three tracks, one of which was a title track mix by Velvet Acid Christ. Also during that year, Suicide Commando performed at the Zillo Festival in Germany before 5000 screaming attendants.

The third CD was released in 1998 called Construct-Destruct, and included the new club hits Desire, and Better Off Dead. Due to the success of the limited edition Contamination EP, Suicide Commando released another for the Construct-Destruct album titled reCONSTRUCTion. This was produced in a quantity of 2500, and sold out as quickly as the previous limited edition. The CD featured a bonus disc of remixes from bands like Wumpscut, Dive, Plastic Noise Experience, and Pierrepoint. The successful "Conquering Europe" tour with Velvet Acid Christ followed. Construct-Destruct was licensed to the United States in 1999 on Possessive Blindfold Recordings, and reached #10 on the RPM CMJ chart. A compilation featuring old and previously unreleased demo material from 1988-1994, Chromdioxyde 1, was also released.

In 2000, Suicide Commando found himself a new North American home with Metropolis Records who released the Hellraiser single and Mind Strip full length. His follow-up album with Metropolis was 2003’s Axis of Evil.

Never one to deviate far from the path, Suicide Commando remains consistent with every release. While new technology or synths may be incorporated, one can always tell its Suicide Commando from his terror-EBM signature sound. This was demonstrated with his Godsend/Menschenfresser digital single in late 2005. For 2006, Suicide Commando released his sixth album, Bind, Torture, Kill, a phenomenal album that fans were expecting, but weren’t ready for. Bind, Torture, Kill had all of what was expected of Suicide Commando – distorted vocals, heavy crunching beats, raspy melodies, and piercing high end. But, this album was different. It had an intensity not seen before on previous Suicide Commando releases. This album was more “in your face,” like he o.d.-ed on coffee, speed, adrenaline, and anger. The result was astounding.

During the course of his twenty-one year career, Suicide Commando has influenced countless artists and won over many fans and skeptics. Marking his 20th anniversary, Metropolis proudly released the X.20 (Best Of) for 2007. Shortly thereafter, X.20 (Remixes) was released.

While working on his upcoming 2010 album, Implements Of Hell, Suicide Commando released two singles in the fall of 2009 for Until We Die/Severed Head, and Die Motherfucker Die. The new album (a reference to notorious serial killer Albert Fish), stands as Suicide Commando’s greatest work thus far. Unrelenting, hook laden, and darker than Hell… just the way evil electro is supposed to sound.


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