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Suicide Commando

X.20 Remixes

CD (2007) · SALE! $8.98   add to cart

Suicide Commando is a name synonymous with harsh, abrasive electronic music. Over the past two decades, Suicide Commando has forged a path in the dark electro scene. Now, with X.20 Remixes some of the biggest names in EBM and industrial - including SITD, Combichrist, Agonoize, Covenant, Spetsnaz, and Wumpscut - have contributed remixes of Suicide Commando classics in homage to this legendary underground Belgian act. With X.20 Remixes, new life has been breathed into these tracks, ensuring that Suicide Commando will continue to rule the EBM dance floors for a long time to come.

Track List

01. Body Count Proceed (SITD Remix)
02. Menschenfresser (Grendel Remix)
03. Save me (Captive of Society Remix)
04. Bind Torture Kill (Remixed By Joakim M. From Covenant)
05. Torment Me (Solitary Experiments Remix)
06. Hellraiser (Agonoize Remix)
07. Bleed For Us All (:Wumpscut: Remix)
08. Face Of Death (Spetsnaz Remix)
09. See You In Hell (Tankt Remix)
10. Conspiracy With The Devil (Dawn Of Ashes Remix)
11. Cause Of Death: Suicide (X-Fusion Remix)
12. Fuck You Bitch (Dope Stars Inc. Remix)
13. Love Breeds suicide (Remixed by Anthoni J.)