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Clan Of Xymox

Remixes from the Underground (2CD)


A double CD of remixes of Clan of Xymox material by established gothic/industrial acts worldwide. Features remixes by Front 242, Perfidious Words, Beborn Beton, Aiboforcen, Assemblage 23, Angels & Agony, DJ Ram, and more. Released domestically in June 2002 on Metropolis Records.

Track List


01. Anguish: Deep Inside Iris mix by Iris
02. Something's Wrong: Avatar mix by Angels & Agony
03. Number I: Cut Rate Box remix
04. Innocent: Defiled Remix by Assemblage 23
05. I Want You Now: Tri- State Remix
06. The Same Dream: DJ RAM Nightmare Mix
07. At Your Mercy: In Strict Confidence Remix
08. Liberty: Damon Fries/Boudoir Mix
09. Into Her Web: remix by Sophya
10. Internal Darkness: The Second Sight Remix


01. Anguish: Remix by Front 242
02. The Same Dream: Perfidious Words remix
03. Liberty: Remix by Aïboforcen
04. Something Wrong: Beborn Beton Remix
05. The Bitter Sweet: Blackland Remix by Michael Balch