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Electric Six

Flashy Vinyl LP


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CD · Flashy $12.98

Electric Six returns with yet another album filled with songs that are mostly about nothing, but damn, if it isn't enjoyable. Songs cover everything from their preferred cleaning solution “Formula 409” to the tribulations of being a “Graphic Designer” and even a throwback to their debut album Fire with “Gay Bar Part Two”. Unable and unwilling to be put in any genre, Electric Six blends sounds and influences from glam, funk, rock, disco, punk, new wave, and metal. In spite of being their fourth album in four years, Flashy, is a strong offering. Fans can rock, groove, and jam out to almost all of the songs with one notable exception being “Transatlantic Flight” dropping in cool beats and a smooth rhythm. Pick up Flashy and don't miss seeing the band as they tour through Europe and the States on their Hittin' The Walls and Workin' The Middle tour.

Track List


01. Gay Bar Part Two
02. Formula 409
03. Dirty Ball
04. Lovers Beware
05. Your Heat Is Rising
06. Face Cuts
07. Flashy Man


01. We Were Witchy White Women
02. Heavy Woman
03. Watching Evil Empires Fall Apart
04. Graphic Designer
05. Transatlantic Flight
06. Making Progress