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Electric Six


CD (2009) · $12.98   add to cart Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

Electric Six is done trying to not sound like their first record Fire, and wants to go home, but can never completely go home. Electric Six wants big loud guitars and fuzz basses intertwined with the occasional r&b jam. With their sixth album, KILL, they prove they can still sound like Fire, but its sprinkled it with what they've learned. They can go back to the skull-crushing guitars and disco grooves, but they will be cooked in an avant-garde reduction sauce. KILL doesn't rest on any laurels. KILL seeks to boldly and bloodily go where it can go where no Electric Six has gone before.

Track List

01. Body Shot
02. Waste Of Time And Money
03. Egyptian Cowboy
04. Escape From Ohio
05. Rubbin' Me The Wrong Way
06. One Sick Puppy
07. Steal Your Bones
08. My idea Of Fun
09. I Belong In A Factory
10. The Newark Airport Boogie
11. Simulated Love
12. You're Bored
13. White Eyes