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Swine & Punishment

DIGITAL (2017) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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CD $12.98

First, the Reverend Raymond Watts returned, delivering his Gospel, now, he has given us Swine & Punishment, a supplemental sermon. The new release features remixes by <PIG>'s dedicated deviant disciples SKOLD, Android Lust, Pull Out Kings, Inertia, KANGA, London After Midnight, tweaker, & more. <PIG>, the Pariah's Messiah, has even blessed us with "Violence", previously only available on vinyl.

Track List

01. Viva Evil (Oumi Kapila Remix)
02. Found In Filth (Pull Out Kings Remix)
03. The Diamond Sinners (Skold Remix)
04. The Fly Upon The Pin (Android Lust Remix)
05. Viva Evil (Inertia Remix)
06. The Diamond Sinners (Indradevi Remix)
07. Viva Evil (Mortiis Remix)
08. The Fly Upon The Pin (St.Gregory Mix)
09. The Diamond Sinners (London After Midnight Remix)
10. Found in Filth - (MC Lord Of The Flies Remix)
11. The Diamond Sinners (KANGA Remix)
12. Drugzilla (Dubzilla Mix)
13. The Diamond Sinners (tweaker remix)
14. Viva Evil (Swine Haze remix)
15. Violence