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DIGITAL (2009) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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As a former collaborator with KMFDM over the past 20 years, Raymond Watts was still able to regularly release solo albums under the moniker PIG. Pigmata is his newest industrial-rock accomplishment. Slick cynical lyrics are delivered with growling vocals on top of a razor and nail mattress of driving guitars, heavy synths, and aggressive beats. Pigmata will surely be in the CD players of rock, industrial, and metal fans for years to come.

Track List

01. Suck Spit Shit
02. Here To Stay
03. Reject
04. Situation
05. Kundalini
06. Vitrol Vice And Virtue
07. Take
08. Arbor Vitate
09. Stage Slut
10. Junky
11. God Rod
12. On The Slaughterfront
13. Filth Healer