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Wasted Sky Limited Edition Vinyl

VINYL (2017) · $18.00   add to cart Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

Also available:
CD · Wasted Sky $9.98

This limited vinyl of the classic Numb album "Wasted Sky" is a masterful blend of guitars & electronics. Originally released in the mid 90's, this album still stands as a benchmark for industrial music. Dissonant, laden with hooks, driving & teeming with seething aggression, this varied, beloved release helped spawn a generation of industrial acts. Limited to 500 copies worldwide.

Track List

01. (A) Wasted Sky
02. (A) Blood
03. (A) Driven
04. (A) Ophelia
05. (B) Ratblast
06. (B) Smile
07. (B) Effigy
08. (B) Seven Types Of Ambiguity