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Lords of Acid

LUST (Special Remastered Band Edition) [SECOND PRESSING] Limited Edition 2LP


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CD · LUST Special Remastered Band Edition $12.98

Lust is the debut album by Belgian electronic band Lords of Acid. Originally released in 1991 Lust spawned a series of club hits. As the album's title implies, the tracks touch upon various sexually-related topics, complimented by hardcore techno/new beat/rave electronica sound. This Special Remastered Band Edition features bonus tracks selected from B-sides from the album's singles. Limited double LP version - BACK IN STOCK!

Track List


01. (A) Take Control
02. (A) Rough Sex
03. (A) Let's Get High
04. (A) The Most Wonderful Girl
05. (B) I Sit On Acid
06. (B) Spacy Bitch
07. (B) Pump My Body To The Top
08. (B) Mixed Emotions


01. (C) Lessons In Love
02. (C) Hey Ho!
03. (C) I Must Increase My Bust
04. (C) I Sit On Acid (rmx)
05. (D) Let's Get High (reach out and touch the sky rmx)
06. (D) Rough Sex (the all night grind rmx)
07. (D) I Must Increase My Bust (mno rmx)
08. (D) I Sit On Acid (soulwax rmx)