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Lords of Acid

Voodoo-U (Special Remastered Band Edition)


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Vinyl · [LIMITED EDITION 2LP] $23.00

Voodoo-U, the second album from legendary Belgian electronic band Lords of Acid was released in 1994. Lyrically the band maintains their outrageous, sex-and-drugs theme but band's moves from the acid house/rave sounds of predecessor Lust to a heavier, industrial music style. This Special Remastered Band Edition features bonus tracks selected from B-sides from the album's singles.

Track List

01. Voodoo-U
02. The Crab Louse
03. She And Mr. Jones
04. Do What You Wanna Do
05. Young Boys
06. Out Comes The Evil
07. Mister Machoman
08. Marijuana In Your Brain
09. Special Moments
10. Dirty Willy
11. Drink My Honey
12. Blowing Up Your Mind
13. The Wet Dream
14. Paris France
15. The Real Thing
16. Don't Kill For Love