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Crunchy, harsh, trance, rhythmic, noise, acidic, violent and unavoidable are all words that have been used to describe the music of Terrorfakt. The NYC based artist has been grafting infectious and innovative power noise trance since 2001. their corrosive music has re-invented and infused the noise and trance genres of electronic music with fresh ideas and influences. Their second album on Metropolis, Teethgrinder, is a myriad of torment, anger, confusion, hatred and pain. Agressive is too mild of a word to describe the pummeling beats, explosive rhythms, critical state melodies and self-destructive tempo. With the most raging album you'll hear this year, Terorfakt has reached unprecedented levels with the seething Teethgrinder.

Track List

01. Welcome To Hell
02. Headcase
03. The Unknown
04. Damage
05. Skullfucker
06. The Fine Art Of Killing Yourself
07. Empire
08. Rhythm & Hate
09. Stormbreaker
10. M15
11. Crown Of Thorns
12. Do Unto Others
13. Sie Bringen Mich Um
14. Animal
15. We Gave Till We Bled
16. Welcome To Hell (Reshanked by Manufactura)
17. The Fine Art Of Killing Yourself (Refined by Tonikom)