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DIGITAL (2009) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

Also available:
CD · Re/Evolution $8.98

Acidic and harsh, TERRORFAKT's music is unavoidable. The fast paced and heavy beats bite at the eardrums and reverberate through the body, blurring one's vision and rapidly transporting them to another world. Re/Evolution is a looking forward /looking back type of release which features some classic out of print TERRORFAKT material, in addition to a few songs that were never "officially" released, and some new remixes and some new studio material. While this may satiate the longing for a new studio album, Re/Evolution can stand on its own as one of TERRORFAKT's best releases.

Track List

01. One
02. Deconstruction
03. Cobra
04. Frontal Damage
05. Busket
06. We Know Pain
07. Firefly
08. Fire Cleanses All Pt. 1
09. ALF (Muted Logic Remix)
10. Human Filth
11. I Don't Like You
12. Fire Cleanses All Pt. 2
13. Skullfucker (Synnack Remix)
14. Rest Areas One Mile Ahead
15. One Nation
16. Dog Breath