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The Legendary Pink Dots

Pages of Aquarius

CD (2016) · $12.98   add to cart Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

Also available:
Vinyl · Limited Edition 2LP $22.98

The Legendary Pink Dots is an Anglo-Dutch experimental rock band formed in London in 1980. Although far outside the mainstream, LPD have released more than 40 albums, have a devoted worldwide following, and tour frequently. Distinctive vocals and lyrical imagery blended with hypnotic guitar and synth washes and spellbinding bass pulses to create an enthralling, captivating release.

Track List

01. Mirror Mirror
02. The Greatest Story Ever Told
03. D-Train
04. Credibility
05. Trending
06. Touching The Forelock
07. Prodigal
08. Don't Go There/Page Aquarian/Jacob's Ladder