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Doubting Thomas

The Infidel (Special Edition)

DIGITAL (2013) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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Doubting Thomas is an industrial band formed by two members of Skinny Puppy: cEvin Key and the late Dwayne Goettel. The Infidel is the result of the two working on material together from between 1987 and 1990. This release combines the bands only album, and a second disc, comprised of the Father Don't Cry EP material and tracks recovered from 'The Infidel' home demos recorded in Toronto '87 - '88 / Vancouver '89 and recovered in 2007 by cEvin Key. Digital transfer and analogue remastering by Brad Vance.

Track List

01. clocks
02. The Moodswing
03. Father Don't Cry
04. F862
05. Yowtch
06. Hiding
07. Nagual Tone
08. The Run
09. Saved
10. I.D.L.
11. Whitewax
12. Theme from Pressurehead
13. Come in Piece
14. Father Don't Cry (Ext.)
15. THC
16. Turn a new leaf
17. Excrement
18. Movie
19. That Problem Child
20. Majickal Horse
21. Jethro
22. Cryland
23. Porthue
24. Make Me Laugh
25. Blink and it's Gone
26. Love Somebody

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