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VNV Nation


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VNV Nation's last album, Matter and Form (2005), was hailed by critics for its high-impact array of tone and sound, from hard hitting anthems to euphoric symphonies. In April 2007, the band released its next album, Judgement, which promises to be their most powerful and unique release to date. Having already broken the boundaries between industrial and other alternative music styles on Matter and Form, VNV Nation take this idea to new heights by creating a sound that is a collision of ever present insight, energy, emotion, past and future. From its fast pace, pounding bass-line and melody to its electric-guitar like synth sounds and Ronan Harris's thought provoking vocals, “Nemesis” rings through as one of VNV's most aggressive anthems to date. "Testament," which could be described as an electronic-indie anthem, “The Farthest Star” and "Carry You" provide a bright, hopeful outlook, while “Movement” presents a dark trance flavor to the band's ever expanding repertoire of song possibilities. The omniscient “Descent” sweeps in with dark electronic rhythms and lyrics that describe complete devastation, giving the yin to the yang of the ethereal ballad “Secluded Spaces” that makes you feel like nothing in the world could be more beautiful. With every album, VNV Nation manages to tear down more and more musical boundaries. Judgement will be their greatest achievement thus far.

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