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Pastperfect Special Edition (2DVD/CD)

DVD/VIDEO (2004) · SALE! $9.98   add to cart

The long awaited, highly anticipated VNV Nation "Pastperfect" DVD has finally arrived! This special limited three-disc version features two DVD's and a CD companion. "Pastperfect" DVD 1 contains live concert footage recorded during the Futureperfect Tour 2001/2002 from performances in Berlin, Washington DC, and the Mera Luna Festival. DVD 2 houses supplemental bonus material ranging from interviews, the making of "Futureperfect," a special on Mera Luna, “Easter eggs” and much, much more. The CD-ROM companion (only available in the limited edition) contains a section with extra live videos and photos. Special packaging, including a poster an d a sticker, will accompany this extraordinary release. North American version limited to 7000 copies. NTSC - all regions. On Metropolis.

Track List


01. LIVE - Intro
02. Kingdom
03. Epicentre
04. Honour
05. Fearless
06. Forsaken
07. Genesis
08. Darkangel
09. Standing
10. Solitary
11. Beloved
12. Electronaut


01. Interview (part 1)
02. Tour Preperations
03. Pastimperfect
04. City Special: Paris, New York and Zurich
05. Making of Futureperfect


01. BONUS CD-ROM - Interview (part 2)
02. Procession (live at WGT 1999)
03. Standing (live at Mera Luna 2000)
04. Electronaut (stage video)
05. Photos