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Mindless Self Indulgence

Our Pain Your Gain


Chronicling MSI's sold-out three night residency at NYC's Webster Hall, "Our Pain Your Gain" shows Mindless at their best! Art directors Jimmy Urine and James Galus spent two years carefully assembling footage which best showcases the legendary performances as well as how fiercely visceral an MSI show is live. There is an unparalleled willingness to put themselves on the line, night in and night out, and this DVD is as close as you can get without literally finding yourself against the barricade.
Featuring over twenty live songs (from near every release, "Tight" through "IF") as well as a shitload of extras (some that you'll love and some you probably really don't need) including:
- "Straight To Video" music video
- "Shut Me Up" music videos (original and final)
- Winning fan videos from the "Straight To Video" video response contest
- Exclusive artwork from Jorden Haley (including the infamous MSI squid-pony)
- Unreleased concert photos
- Jhonen Vasquez's original illustrated story-boards
- Interviews with fans
- And much, much more!

Featuring the tracks:

01. The End
02. Begin Already!
03. Faggot
04. Dicks
05. Clarissa
06. One Word
07. Shut Me Up
08. Revenge
09. Backmask
10. 1989
11. Golden I
12. Word
13. Stupid MF
14. 2 Hookers
15. What Do They Know?
16. Planet Of The Apes
17. Capitol P
18. Position
19. Prom
20. Uncle (Previously Unreleased)
21. 7-11
22. Bring The Pain
23. I Hate Jimmy Page
24. Tom Sawyer
25. Song
26. Kill The Rock
27. Bullshit
28. Straight To Video
29. Bitches
30. Scissors
Extras include:
Shut me Up (Original Video Directed By Jhonen Vasquez)
Shut Me Up (Final Video Butchered By Galus & Serpico)
Making of Shut Me Up (Slide Show)
Shut Me Up story boards
Straight To Video (Orignal Video by Poz Lang)
Making of Straight To Video (Slide Show)
Urine Nation (Directed by Alex Morrison & Zak Keck)
and more!