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Bella Morte

Bleed The Grey Sky Black

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Bella Morte has returned with the follow-up to their 2004 album As The Reason Die. Incorporating elements of punk and dark electronics on their newest release Bleed The Grey Sky Black, the rock outfit have truly outdone themselves. Long time fans will notice a progression with each of the previous albums culminating up to this. Bleed The Grey Sky Black is heavier than anything Bella Morte has released up until this point, but still maintains the overall feel of their past while looking to the future. Tracks like “Torn,” “The End Ahead,” and “As the Storm Unfolds” offer up high energy to motivate, while “On The Edge,” “Dust,” and “An Enemy Without” give time to reflect. If there's one album not to be overlooked for 2006, this is it. Bleed The Grey Sky Black will leave the competition in bewilderment. Be careful not to be left behind as well.

Track List

01. On The Edge
02. Torn
03. The End Ahead
04. The Alone
05. Ghost Land
06. Dust
07. As The Storm Unfolds
08. An Enemy Without
09. Bleed Again
10. Earth Angel
11. Grey Skies Black
12. Haunted