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Furnace Re:Dux


cEvin Key and Dwayne Goettel's first outing as Download (and Dwayne's last before his death) showed a progression into industrial/electronic territory far more experimental than even Skinny Puppy's stranger moments. With the help of Phil Western and Mark Spybey, Furnace plays out like a soundtrack to a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The music ranges from frenetic industrial beats to textural Genesis P. Orridge's vocals on "Omniman," "Lebanull," and "Marred" that add a frightening quality, sounding both malevolent and mechanical, giving it the sense of a soundtrack to an unmade movie. It's an album full of dissonance and beauty and Metropolis Records is proud to reissue it now with the bonus Re:Dux tracks as a second disc.

Track List


01. Mallade
02. Seel Hole
03. Omniman
04. Cannaya
05. Sigesang
06. Stone Grey Soil
07. Mother Sonne
08. Attalal
09. Lebanull
10. Beehatch
11. Noh Mans Land
12. Marred
13. Hevel


01. Re:Dux Part 1
02. Re:Dux Part 2
03. Re:Dux Part 3
04. Re:Dux Part 4
05. Re:Dux Part 5
06. Re:Dux Part 6
07. Re:Dux Part 7
08. Re:Dux Part 8

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