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DIGITAL (2010) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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For more than two decades, De/Vision members Steffan Keth and Thomas Adam have been captivating fans of electronic pop music. Over this span of time, the band has released ten albums, gone through lineup changes, experimented with styles, and written a slew of enduring pop classics. Hot on the heels of the critically acclaimed album NOOB, the boys from De/Vision have once again emerged the studio with all new material. Working together with their favorite producer team, Schumann & Bach, the new album, entitled Popgefahr is a worthy addition to De/Vision's musical legacy. Seamlessly moving from danceable tracks such as “Flash of Life” to the slower, lyrically driven “Be A Light To Yourself”, Popgefahr is a well rounded, cohesive album.

Track List

01. mAndroids
02. Rage (Album Version)
03. What's Love All About?
04. Time To Be Alive (Album Version)
05. Plastic Heart
06. Be A Light To Yourself
07. Ready To Die
08. Flash Of Life
09. Twisted Story
10. Until The End Of Time