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Zerox Machine

CD (2007) · $4.98   add to cart

Who is Client? Client is the sexy electro pop trio that hails from sunny England. Their music is a sultry blend of electro clash and new wave reminiscent of Joy Division, Pet Shop Boys, and the Human League. Originally signed to Andy Fletcher's (Depeche Mode) Hawaii Toast label, Client released two albums with them before parting ways. The band has found its way to a new North American home, Metropolis Records. To celebrate the new union, Client will be releasing their cover of the Adam and the Ants classic “Zerox Machine” as a teaser before unveiling their new album in April 2007. The Zerox Machine single features the original cover, along with an exclusive b-side, and four scorching remixes by the likes of Covenant and Jonny Slut. Client is poised for their British invasion of the North American club scene and Zerox Machine is the launch pad they will do it with.

Track List

01. Zerox Machine
02. Loose Talking
03. Zerox Machine (IDC Mix)
04. Zerox Machine (Jonny Slut/Atomizermix)
05. Zerox Machine (Robert Goerl Strange Pistol Mix)
06. Zerox Machine (Club Mix by Covenant)