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Random Is Resistance


Rotersand have returned for 2009 with their fourth album, Random Is Resistance. The band's site eludes: “The system has declared war on error. War against the unpredictable, the imponderable, the incomputable in all of us. In order to fight back, we ought to be less transparent and less calculable – we ought to really become the error in this ever-refining consumerist machinery. Random Is Resistance” Besides the concept behind it, the album is laced with plenty of dance tracks with the signature sound Rotersand is known for: catchy melodies, great bass lines, and intelligible vocals.

Track List

01. Yes, We Care
02. Bastards Screaming
03. Waiting To Be Born
04. Speak To Me
05. We Will Kill Them All
06. First Time
07. Beneath The Stars
08. If You Don't Stop It
09. War On Error
10. A Number And A Name
11. Gothic Paradise
12. A Million Worlds To Lose