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Truth Is Fanatic

DIGITAL (2009) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

Also available:
CD · Truth is Fanatic $12.98

Rotersand is the brainchild of Rasc, from the Fair Sex, and Gun, a multi-instrumentalist and producer, who came together to create an artistic expression of the sound of music. Their import only EP, “Merging Oceans,” was released earlier this year and created a sensation not only on the German DAC Charts, but also in the clubs stateside. Due to the success of the EP along with enthusiastic press reactions and continuous club play, Rotersand brought to life their debut album, “Truth is Fanatic.” A synthesis of 80's, Synthpop, Electro, and Techno, “Truth is Fanatic” is harmonious fusion of driving rhythms, rolling bass-lines, rousing melodies, hard electronic beats, and warm melancholic atmospheres. Rotersand has created an authentic musical mixture, which corresponds perfectly with the spirit of the time. On Metropolis Records.

Track List

01. Truth Is Fanatic
02. Almost Violent
03. Content Killer
04. Electronic World Transmission
05. The Fire
06. Social Distortion
07. One Level Down
08. Merging Oceans
09. Lifelight
10. Move On
11. Sonic Agony
12. Hush
13. Electronic World Transmission (Reconstructed By [:S.I.T.D:])
14. Lifelight (Redestructed)