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I Cry EP


When their Merging Oceans EP was released in Spring 2003, Rotersand received worldwide attention, occupying top rankings in the German Alternative Charts, the Nordic Alternative Charts and the Dutch Alternative Charts and was heavily broadcast by radio and internet stations from around the world. With their full length albums, Truth Is Fanatic, Welcome to Goodbye, and 1023 Rotersand has gotten relentless dance floor attention and expanded their creative spectrum. From floor shattering tracks to emotional ballads, their music is always plausible and authentic. Rotersand's special mélange of 80's Pop, Electro, Techno and classical elements make the band a truly brilliant act. The I Cry EP is an impressive companion to their most recent album, 1023. Featuring two mixes of the title track, four re-workings of other popular songs from the album, and two all new songs, the I Cry EP packs quite a punch, with Rotersand's signature mix of dance tracks and slower, introspective songs

Track List

01. I Cry (Rework)
02. Call Me Stupid
03. I Am With You (Stripped Edit)
04. I Cry (Evendorff Remix)
05. Rushing (Club Recut)
06. Mission (feat. Jay Smith from Deviant UK)
07. Shelter (Autoaggression Remix)
08. Inner World (Krilf Oderberg Dub)