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Relax into the Abyss

CD (2000) · SALE! $5.98   add to cart Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

A new remix album from David Thrussel. Reworkings of several tracks from his album "Third Mall from the Sun" by artists such as Beefcake, Xingu Hill, Shaolin Wooden Men, Shinjuku Filth, and more… On Metropolis.

Track List

01. Are You Normal Enough? (Beefcake and the Burger Flippin' Blues)
02. Real Estate Man (Low-Key Operations Make a Down-Payment)
03. The Last Diamond (Xingu Hill Slices the Soft Earth)
04. Real Estate Man (Ubin Offer Affordable Solutions)
05. Is There No-One That Can Save Us From Today? (Spacecat Joins the Utopian Futurist Front)
06. Are You Normal Enough? (Shinjuku Filth Celebrate the Contamination)
07. Real Estate Man (Black Lung Greets the Funky Inquisition)
08. The Infernal Advocate
09. Slide Into Extinction (Shaolin Wooded Men Live in Room 23 at the Altona Motor Inn)
10. Are You Normal Enough? (End Encourage Less Normalization)
11. State Rape (Beam Up Battle Cross Channel Traffic)
12. Are You Normal Enough? (Francois Tetaz Conducts the Cacophanous Maximus)
13. The Crumbling Land
14. Chasin' and the Jargonauts
15. Oil