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Beyond the Valley of the Proles

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Snog has re-immerged for 2003 with another cynical attack on the corporate world of big business. Their newest album, “Beyond the Valley of the Proles” features eleven mellow electronic "spaghetti western" tracks similar to a mix of Lee Hazelwood and Leonard Cohen. Rich musical textures, clean acoustic guitars, and David Thrussel's deep bass vocals create a soothing atmosphere to calm the most restless spirit. Snog's “Beyond the Valley of the Proles” carefully merges electronic music with acoustic lounge pop to generate a hybrid unlike no other. It will confound, captivate, and mystify the most intent listener. On Metropolis Records.

Track List

01. Bad Planet
02. Businessman
03. Fill My Hole
04. The Master
05. Welcome to Adelaide
06. Justified Homicide
07. Citizens
08. Into the Light
09. Playstation Blues
10. The Fruits
11. Waiting