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Welcome to Goodbye


SHIPPING NOW! ROTERSAND is a band who is quickly making a name for themselves in the Electro scene. With their last album, “Truth is Fanatic,” still getting relentless dance floor attention, ROTERSAND is about to up the ante once more with their follow-up album, “Welcome to Goodbye.” They have dramatically improved their musical style and sound with this album and even gave some of the songs a bit of a PINK FLOYD influence. Each song has incredible power and energy from start to finish. ROTERSAND truly is a band to be reckoned with and their name will be on the lips of fans for many years to come. On Metropolis Records.

Track List

01. Welcome to Goodbye
02. Dare To Live
03. Last Ship
04. Almost Wasted
05. Storm
06. By the Waters
07. Last Ship
08. Exterminate
09. Undone
10. Would You Buy This?
11. Alive
12. All in All
13. Angels Falling