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The Retrosic

God of Hell

CD (2004) · SALE! $5.98   add to cart

Gaining the attention of Metropolis Records with his first two albums, “Prophecy” and “Messa Da Requiem,” The Retrosic finds himself on the North American label ready to release his third album, “God of Hell.” Revolving around and exploring the leitmotiv “Destroy the world to save it,” “God of Hell” unleashes a fury unlike no other. One needs to look no further than the lyrics to see this motto in its full glory. Harsh arrangements, biting vocals, militaristic beats, and sweeping synths make “God of Hell” an album to not be missed. The North American version contains the bonus track "Passion (1st Sign)" as well as a multi-media video for "The Storm." On Metropolis Records.

Track List

01. The Storm
02. Maneater
03. New World Order
04. Tale of Woe
05. Dragonfire Elysium
06. Total War
07. Antichrist
08. Passion (1st Sign)
09. Sphere
10. Tears In Rain
11. MULTIMEDIA - The Storm