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Project Pitchfork

Live 2003 DVD

DVD/VIDEO (2004) · $18.98   add to cart

Since their first album, "Dhyani," was released in 1991, Project Pitchfork has been front-runners in the electronic and alternative music scenes. Under the mastermind of Peter Spilles, the band has in total thirteen albums to their credit, including legendary releases such as: "Alpha Omega," "Eon:Eon," "Daimonion," and the "Nun" trilogy. Project Pitchfork has also headlined at all of the most significant European music festivals including: Mera Luna, Zillo, Woodstage, and the Tauberal Festival. Now at last the legendary band is ready to release their first live DVD. "Live 2003" documents the energetic impressiveness that has become Project Pitchfork's trademark. With a playing time of over four hours, this double DVD features live tracks as well as music videos, all of which is presented in 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound. On Metropolis.

Track List


01. Timekiller
02. God Wrote
03. Trialog
04. Drone State
05. Inferno
06. Awakening
07. I Am (a thought in slow motion)
08. Terra Incognita
09. Mine (Beast of Prey)
10. Carnival
11. We Are One
12. Alpha Omega
13. Tal Der Dornen
14. The Spoken Mirror
15. Daimonion
16. En Garde
17. Conjure
18. I Live Your Dream
19. Die Schlange vs. (Damon der Antwort)
20. Existence
21. Your Cut Feather
22. Metamorphosis
23. Rescue
24. Carrion
25. K.N.K.A


01. CLIPS - View From A Throne
02. Deepest Place
03. Behind the Fog
04. Existence
05. Timekiller
06. Carnival
07. I Live Your Dream
08. Steelrose
09. Conjure
10. Crash!
11. Souls ('92)
12. Renascence ('93)