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Plastic Noise Experience



In the early 90's, PNE were one of the main forces in German Dark Electro scene with albums like “Transmission,” “Visage De Plastique,” “Transmitted Memories,” “Strings Of Ice,” “Rauschen,” and many others. PNE infiltrated dancefloors all over the world and toured extensively throughout Europe exciting the crowds with numerous hits. “Maschinenmusik” marks the return of the German legends! With uncompromising old-school EBM, harsh powerful German vocals, kicking distorted beats, and virulent Kraftwerk-like melodies, PNE overpowers you with an engulfing and explosive sonic experience building the bridge between the original “Electro roots” and 21st Century's “less is more” electronic movement. “Maschinenmusik” also features remixes by Wumpscut, Suicide Commando, Armageddon Dildos, and Solitary Experiments. On Metropolis Records.

Track List

01. Plastik Fantastik
02. Prestigeobjekt (v2.0)
03. Monoton Synchron
04. Maschinen (v2.0)
05. Maschinemusik
06. Koma (v1.2)
07. Vad
08. Heimcomputer
09. Neue Welt
10. Maschine Brennt
11. Maschinen (Prototype Mix)
12. Vad (Remix)
13. Plastik Fantastik (Remix)
14. Monoton (Synchron Remix)
15. Schlafmodus 1
16. Schlafmodus 2