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When Metropolis Records released MELOTRON's North American debut, “Sternenstaub,” in 2003 it was received with great success. The German Synthpop trio had arrived. Musically in the vein of DEPECHE MODE with sexy German vocals, MELOTRON are now set to release their follow-up album “Cliché.” Poppy melodies, and light electronic rhythms mix beautifully with the sensuous vocals. Even though the lyrics are in German, it simply doesn't matter. The music speaks for itself and before long you'll find yourself singing along with MELOTRON. On Metropolis Records.

Track List

01. Marlene
02. Halt Mich Fest
03. Frei Wie Das Meer
04. Menschenfresser
05. Stirb Fur Mich
06. Alles Gesagt
07. Wenn Wir Wollten
08. Lebenslauf
09. Einfach So
10. Propaganda
11. Griechisch/Romisch
12. Glaserne Zeiten
13. Sandstrom