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In January 1995, Andy Krueger, Edgard Slatnow and Kay Hildebrandt decided to form a new music project whose lyrics would be exclusively German. They called themselves Melotron. The inexperienced band members reached success relatively quickly while touring Germany with European phenomenon And One. During this first tour, Melotron managed to sell 1,200 homemade demo disks.

By May of 1996, the band landed current manager Robert Wolf, and producer Olaf Wollschlger, leading to the legendary debut album Mrderwerk. Through 1997, the band toured Germany, and even showcased at the biggest German music fare, Popkomm.

In 1998, Melotron broke onto Germany's alternative charts with the breakthrough single, "Dein Meister", and played support shows for EBM legends Front 242 and De/Vision. Then, in March 1999, Mrderwerk, the debut album, was released on Zoth Ommog/Music Research, hitting number eight on the alternative music charts. The second released single, the Karat cover version "Den Blaue Planet" opened the doors for Melotron to the world of radio airplay in Germany.

The band released the second album, Fortschritt, in February 2000 on their new label Bloodline, and released the single "Tanz Mit Dem Teufel". The tour accompanying this much more developed and experimental album saw Melotron as the headlining band, and met with a great reception in other European countries.

Dennis Ostermann from In Strict Confidence joined the band in November 2001 as a guest singer on the title track "Brder", which turned out to be the biggest hit for the band by reaching spot five on the alternative music charts.

After two years, the band dropped Bloodline and found a new label with German-based SPV in June 2002. The band began studio sessions for the third album, and released "Gib Mir Alles" as an advanced single. The album, Weltfrieden, was released in September of that year, exceeding all expectations with its success.

The following year, Melotron began a major North American tour in May with Swedish electro act Covenant. Subsequently that year, the band created their own label, Plattenkombinat, to re-release Moerderwerk with special artwork and bonus tracks as well as release a brand new album, Sternenstaub.

Metropolis Records signed Melotron and released Sternenstaub in early October 2003 to coincide with their North American signing. It was received with great success, proving the German synthpop trio had arrived.

Musically in the vein of Depeche Mode with sexy German vocals, Melotron released their follow-up album Clich for 2005 Poppy melodies, and light electronic rhythms mix beautifully with the sensuous vocals. Even though the lyrics are in German, it simply doesnt matter. The music speaks for itself.