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SKOLD returns with Tonight, the new single from the critically hailed album Anomie. This smashing single features new versions of the title track, remixed by such diverse talents as Rotersand, Aesthetic Perfection, iVardensphere, The Birthday Massacre and Pull Out Kings. The CD version also comes with the tracks “Polka Dot Dress” and “Deserve,” previously only available digitally.

Track List

01. Tonight (Album Version)
02. Tonight (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
03. Tonight (Pull Out Kings Remix)
04. Tonight (Sum Revolution Remix)
05. Tonight (The Birthday Massacre Remix)
06. Tonight (iVardensphere Remix)
07. Tonight (rotersand rework)
08. Polka Dot Dress
09. Deserve

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(Tracks from the digital version)

Tonight (Album Version)3:46$ 0.89buy mp3
Tonight (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)4:10$ 0.89buy mp3
Tonight (Pull Out Kings Remix)5:06$ 0.89buy mp3
Tonight (Sum Revolution Remix)4:03$ 0.89buy mp3
Tonight (The Birthday Massacre Remix)4:28$ 0.89buy mp3
Tonight (iVardensphere Remix)4:50$ 0.89buy mp3
Tonight (rotersand rework)4:52$ 0.89buy mp3