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Claire Voyant

Time Again

CD (2001) · SALE! $10.98   add to cart Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

Dreamy, female-fronted Gothic featuring dancefloor remixes by Front 242, VNV Nation, Haujobb, Beborn Beton, Love Spirals Downwards, Covenant, and Trance to the Sun. On Metropolis.

Track List

01. Iolite 'Trancelite'- Francis A. Preve
02. Eventide 'Riptide'- Front 242
03. Majesty- VNV Nation
04. Mercy- Cut.Rate.Box.
05. Majesty 'Premonition'- Assemblage 23
06. Love the Giver- Eskil Simonsson of Covenant
07. Iolite 'Octaine Mix'- Octaine
08. Time and the Maiden 'Luxt Mix'- Luxt
09. Blinking Tears- Haujobb
10. Bittersweet 'LSD Mix'- Love Spirals Downwards
11. Everafter 'Singing in the Rain'- J. Stephen Foster
12. Majesty 'Beborn Mix'- Beborn Beton
13. Serenade 'Trance to the Sun Mix'- Trance to the Sun