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After the successful cult albums “Brainwashing” and “Blood in Face,” Yelworc's style has inspired many bands. After a long absence, Yelworc is set to return to the forefront of electronic music and recapture their place in the clubs with the concept album “Trinity.” Illustrated by extraordinary artwork, the excellent arrangements of Yelworc offer a dark diary of a journey through hell. Harsh beats, deep bass, insistent vocals, and atmospheric sound collagen take the fantasy of the listener on a wild ride into a dark world of bloody nightmares. Visionary sound spaces built up with high standards and accentuated by brutal sound effects, complete a symphonic drama with tempting melodies that flatter the ears while causing spines to tingle. Discover Yelworc before he discovers you! On Metropolis.

Track List

01. Blaze Of Downfall
02. Doom Of Chroronzon
03. Triune Junction
04. Prodigies Of Black
05. Vexilla Regis Inferni
06. Trinity
07. After Laughter
08. Bloodwhited
09. Caina's Curse
10. Revelation
11. D-Mask
12. Beast Tamer
13. Almighty Din
14. Thru Me
15. Pan*Demonium
16. Hellfaction