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Mindless Self Indulgence

You'll Rebel to Anything (Clean Version)


One of the most well known bands to sign with Metropolis for 2005 is MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE (MSI), a band whose name manifests itself during their incendiary live shows. Their music is a hybrid of Atari driven electronics with a venomous splash of ADD Punk Rock. In the vein of their cult classic records such as “Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy,” MSI and Metropolis Records are proud to present “You'll Rebel to Anything.” MSI's fanatical fans will be pleased to know that there will be three different versions of the release; a 10 track explicit version with a video for “You'll Rebel to Anything,” an 11 track clean version with a video for “Diabolical,” and an 11 track extra heavy double vinyl version. The clean and vinyl versions have two entirely different bonus tracks, and all three have their own individual artwork, so true collectors will think nothing of owning them all. “MSI are, to me, how Punk Rock should sound in the 21st century: Abrasive and brilliant, and sounding like no one else.” – Rhys Fulber (FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY/DELERIUM). Clean version. On Metropolis Records.

Track List

01. Shut Me Up
02. 1989
03. Straight To Video
04. Tom Sawyer
05. You'll Rebel To Anything (as long as it's not challenging)
06. What Do They Know?
07. Stupid MF
08. 2 H**k*rs And An 8-B***
09. Prom
10. Bull****
11. Microphone Commander (bonus track)
12. * video “Diabolical”