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Flesh Field

Voice Of The Echo Chamber

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For nearly two decades Flesh Field lay dormant.

Now 2023 sees Flesh Field’s surprise return with Voices of the Echo Chamber.

The new album stands as a sort of concept piece, with the tracks representing stages of political radicalization and political violence.
In the liner notes, Ross says of the album – “Believing falsehoods because those falsehoods reinforce our preferred narratives is not harmless. Promoting falsehoods to benefit your faction is not harmless, particularly in a well-armed society. If we remain locked in our own echo chambers, inevitably there will a voice of the echo chamber that speaks in the language of mass murder, believing it justified. This album describes that tragic inevitability. “

Track List

01. Crescendo
02. Grievance
03. Catalyst
04. Arsenal
05. Manifesto
06. Soldier
07. Rampage
08. Reckoning
09. Reset