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Ash Code


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Vinyl · vinyl $18.00

Posthuman is the second album from Ash Code, an Italian Dark Wave band that masterfully blends influences, ranging from early Depeche Mode, The Sisters of Mercy to post-punk, Synthpop, coldwave, & EBM. Ash Code combines its influences & innovation to create  driving, atmospheric Dark Wave devoted to the drum machine, powerful synthesizers & driving bass lines.

Track List

01. It's Time To Face The Abyss
02. Nite Rite
03. Challenging The Sea
04. Insensitive
05. Sand
06. Posthuman
07. The Last Stop
08. Alone In Your Dance
09. Fragments
10. Tide
11. Try To Be Me
12. A New Dawn
13. Nite Rite (Delphine Coma Remix)
14. Tide (Orax Remix)
15. Posthuman (Electrogenic Remix)
16. Alone In Your Dance (Emerson Dracon Remix)