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Bornless Fire


CD (2018) · $12.98   add to cart Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

After years of being asked by fans, Bornless Fire sees Kristof Bathory (Dawn of Ashes) return to EBM/industrial. Influences from Late 80s - 2000's Industrial imbued with the 'divine spark'- power in every human soul, invoked through ritual & magick. This return to industrial & journey of self empowerment results in 'Arcanum', A powerful, dark, concussive merging of industrial & the Left Hand Path.

Track List

01. Genesis
02. Emerging From The Void
03. Feel The Rage
04. RUNA
05. Emblem of Belial
06. Sex Magick
07. Leech
08. Eclipse Of The Soul
09. The Miserable Image Of Abrahamic Slavery
10. Becoming The Divine
11. Eclipse Of The Soul (Tactical Sekt Remix)
12. RUNA (Suicide Commando Remix)