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“Gotteskrieger” is state of the art harsh EBM/Industrial with beats designed to take the underground dancefloors by storm! While musically HEIMATAERDE is much in the vein of legendary dark EBM acts like older WUMPSCUT and SUICIDE COMMANDO, the music does have its own unique identity, and a modern, up to date sound. With tracks like “Gib Mir” and “Ich Hab Die Nacht Getraeumet” already taking over the dance floors here in the US, HEIMATAERDE has laid the groundwork for his club invasion. Let the attack begin! On Metropolis Records.

Track List

01. Non Nobis
02. Die Offenbarung
03. Endlos
04. Du Fehlst Mir
05. Gott Ist Mit Uns
06. Deus Lo Vult
07. Moerder
08. Immortals
09. Die Laeuterung
10. Gib Mir
11. Ich Hab Die Nacht Getraeumet
12. Wiedergaenger
13. Gibt Es Wirklich Einen Gott
14. In Nomine Domine